Frequently Asked Sod Questions

Where Can I Find Pricing?

Grass is a live product and market prices can change. Give us a call for the current price and availability.

Can I Place a Small Order?

Currently our minimum order size is 1 pallet, which is approximately 400 square feet.

Will You Load The Sod In My Vehicle?

If you have a pickup truck, or a trailer we can set the pallet on your vehicle. A full size pickup truck can generally handle 1 pallet.

Can You Help My Grass Stay Green?

You can read our online articles and resources to help you with your lawn. We do not offer any lawn services.

Do You Deliver Sod?

We can arrange delivery of sod if you are purchasing a full semi-truck load which is 16 pallets or more.

Do You Install Sod?

We do not install sod. We can refer you to reliable companies that do. Just give us a call.

Helpful Sod Articles